What Is AI Art?

A revolutionary field of digital art is taking the world by storm and disrupting both how art is made and how art is thought about. What once took years of practice, training, and trial and error can now be created with a carefully curated string of words. AI Art, or the use of machine learning algorithms to generate images based on a user input, is both accessible and easy to use. These algorithms are made accessible through publicly accessible websites such as Midjourney. Keep reading to learn how this art is made and how you can get started.

What is AI Art?

AI Art is any media content generated through a machine learning algorithm based on the user input.

How is AI Art Made?

AI Art is created with the use of specialized machine learning algorithms that have been engineered to generate images based on text input. This input can be anything and is limited only by your imagination. The image you see here was generated by the text input “AI artist creating the universe”. Click below to learn more.

What is Midjourney?

There are plenty of both paid and free AI art algorithms on the market, but Midjourney is definitely our favorite! Midjourney is beginner friendly and it is easy to get beautiful art today. They also offer a free tier for you to try out! Click below to learn how.

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